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Why use a French mortgage calculator?How does the home loan calculator work?Why our mortgage calculator is a game-changer for non-residents?Simulating your mortgage: what next?

Dreaming of owning a charming property in France? Before you embark on this exciting journey, let's figure out what fits your budget. Our mortgage calculator is here to help you lay the groundwork for your home-buying adventure.

Why use a French mortgage calculator?

Our goal is to give you a clear starting point for your real estate journey, helping you assess your budget and explore properties that match your borrowing capacity. For non-residents and foreigners, this step is especially crucial.

So, how does the calculator help you?

Our mortgage calculator isn't just personalized to your profile and income—it’s specifically designed for those looking to buy property in France while living abroad or not speaking French. With everything in English, you'll understand each step effortlessly.

In fact, it's the only calculator of its kind on the market today. At Pretto, we understand the importance of grasping every detail of financing your property, and we're dedicated to giving you the best tools and solutions. Plus, our calculator is completely free. 

Do you have complex income sources? Is your desired property a fixer-upper? Already juggling other loans? Our home loan simulator covers the basics, but our credit experts are here to dive into the details and clarify any concerns.

After using the calculator, you can consult with an expert remotely for a more precise mortgage simulation. Plus, you'll receive a free financing certificate with your results, demonstrating the viability of your financing and building the foundation of trust with your contacts.

How does the home loan calculator work?

Using an online credit simulation is great, but truly understanding it is even better! That’s why we harness the power of data from thousands of files we send to the bank each month, delivering ultra-precise results. And that's not all, our tool follows the same rules that banks adhere to when granting mortgages, guided by the French Consumer Code (such as the usury rate) and regularly reviewed by the French High Council for Financial Stability (HCSF).

Our free mortgage simulator incorporates these regulations to provide you with accurate and reliable insights:

  1. Annual Income Considered by Banks: Banks consider your annual income based on several factors: Salary, business Income (if you have at least three years of balance sheets), retirement pension, rental Income (up to 70% of the income from your rental investments).
  2. Down payment: For non-residents, the bank requires a 20% down payment of the property’s price. Additionally, you must have savings equivalent to another 20% of the property's price. This demonstrates your financial stability and seriousness to the bank.
  3. Mortgages Term: Mortgages for non-resident borrowers typically cannot exceed 20 years (240 monthly payments). However, some banks may extend this to 27 years if they are also financing renovations or if you are purchasing a new property, including a two-year grace period.
  1. Nominal Interest Rate: The interest rate on your mortgage must comply with the current usury rate, which includes all costs associated with your loan (borrower’s insurance, application fees, guarantees, etc.). Our free mortgage simulator will suggest a rate that's no more than one point lower than this limit, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Banks are generally more cautious when granting them to non-resident borrowers. They must provide additional documentation, such as proof of their professional and financial situation in their country of origin.

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Please note that the pages you're about to access are in French. For easier understanding and exploration, consider using a translation extension to convert the content into your preferred language.

Why our mortgage calculator is a game-changer for non-residents?

  1. 100% English mortgage calculator: our calculator specifically designed for non-residents, unlike generic calculators that leave you in the dark.
  2. Get results tailored to YOUR situation. No more one-size-fits-all guesswork. This tool factors in the unique circumstances of buying in France as a non-resident, giving you a realistic picture of what you can afford.
  3. Expert guidance is just a click away! Connect with our English-speaking brokers who specialize in helping non-residents navigate the French mortgage process. They'll answer your questions and ensure a smooth journey to your French home.

How much can you borrow with a French mortgage?

Getting a loan in France can be a different experience depending on whether you're a resident or not. Let's break it down:

Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios: French banks generally lend up to 70-85% of a property's value for residents of the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA). This means you'd need a smaller down payment. However, for non-residents, the down payment hurdle is higher, ranging from 25-50% because lenders typically offer loan amounts covering only 50-75% of the value.

Minimum Loan Amounts: While minimum loan amounts in France are usually between €50,000 and €100,000, some banks might require even more from non-residents. On the flip side, some French banks offer a special perk for residents: you can potentially borrow up to 100% of the property value if you park some of the loan amount in a French savings account.

Simulating your mortgage: what next?

Our loan simulator has helped you envision your future mortgage, giving you a clear idea of the property you can target. Even better, you're confident you can handle the calculated monthly payments. So, what are the next steps?

  1. Schedule Your Visits: A real estate project isn't just about numbers—it's also driven by passion. You chose to live in France for a reason, so take your financing certificate and start visiting potential properties.
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  1. Book a Consultation with Our Experts:  A project worth pursuing is one worth preparing for. Let's discuss it together in a first meeting designed to give you a clear visual presentation of the real estate rates and conditions offered by each bank. You'll gain a comprehensive view of your future options and understand how everything works for you as a non-resident of France—all explained in English.

How Pretto can help you? 

We're not your average brokerage—we're a game-changer. Our 100% online platform completely revolutionizes the property buying process. No matter the size of your project, we've overhauled the entire experience with cutting-edge online tools and unwavering support. Bid farewell to obstacles and take charge of your real estate ambitions.

At Pretto, we foster strong bonds with 100 French banks, giving us the edge to secure the finest loan deals across France through expert negotiations.

Choosing Pretto means waving goodbye to paperwork headaches. Our team specializes in projects for non-resident borrowers, mastering all the specific criteria to streamline your loan application process. Plus, we speak fluent English and provide an English simulator tailored for non-resident and resident conditions.

Partnering with a top-notch brokerage like us guarantees access to the best rates. We understand the intricacies of banks, excel at navigating their processes, and expertly showcase your potential to lenders.

At Pretto, we only use cookies that respect your privacy. They enable us to offer you personalized content, analyze traffic and communicate more effectively with you.